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Why choose me?

If you want to start or improve your current fitness and health journey, I am here to make it happen. I am passionate about sharing my proven method of losing weight, toning up and feeling amazing with YOU!

I am a personal trainer, exercise class instructor, fitness coach and until recently a primary school teacher. I teach classes in boxing, cardio and resistance and successfully personal train clients in the Carshalton, Sutton and surrounding areas and online.

My best bits- I love a dumbbell, am full of energy and am fun to be around!


“I help individuals commit to an exercise and nutrition plan to get the results they want.”

I will teach you how to fit a healthy fitness regime into your life and to stop making excuses. I will be there working with you every step of the way and stop you from reverting back to those old unsuccessful habits.

Who am i?
About me

Hello! I am Geri, a personal trainer, exercise to music

teacher and specialist in training women through peri menopause and menopause. 

 I live in Sutton, Surrey with my 2 gorgeous children and my cats Megan and Marley.

I LOVE EXERCISE. In the past few years, it has helped me lose weight,

tone my whole body (I look better at 45 than 25) and has kicked the

anxiety that I was suffering during my divorce and struggles

as a single mum.

That feeling of achievement after a workout is like no other. I sleep better, have more energy for my children and I am a more positive and happier person.

It is now my turn to get you to love exercising too and to show you

the magic formula of exercise and eating habits that have literally

changed my life.

I know how hard it is to get started (I have been there many times) but I

am here to make this journey fun and exciting and I will help you

every step of the way. Are you ready to get started?

Personal Training

I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer who is passionate about helping people transform their bodies. Recruiting a personal trainer will guarantee you achieve your goals quicker and will keep you accountable and motivated. I have received personal training sessions myself and the results have been significant compared to training on my own.

I start by meeting with you and discussing your fitness goals and your exercise preferences. We also talk through your current eating patterns and how we can improve on them. I then write you a dedicated programme which you will follow which is progressive to meet your goals.


I specialise in weight loss, fat loss, muscular and cardiovascular endurance and muscle gain and sculpting.


I have specific qualifications in training women in their 40s and beyond. 

We can meet at your home, my home, in the park, online or in a gym. This is your journey and I will be with you every

step of the way.


I have a level 2 exercise to music qualification which means I can choreograph and teach a variety of classes.

I currently teach small group personal training sessions from my home gym and garden in Sutton, Surrey. I can train up to 5 participants per class.

I use a variety of fun equipment and every week is different so you will not get bored...

The classes incorporate cardio, resistance and boxing exercises to burn fat and tone the whole body, 

Just turn up or message me on 07896 435853.

"Be stronger than your excuses"

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