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This course is designed for women   who are struggling to lose weight and tone up and are not feeling happy with their bodies. It is also a great course for changing habits and developing a healthier lifestyle. 

I am specificially trained in exercise and nutrition in perimenopause and menopause and have lost weight in my 40s so I know that this will work...

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Geri Smart Kickstart Plan

This plan is my proven method of eating and exercising that I have followed over the last few years.
I have not only lost a stone in weight (I was 66kg and am now 59kg) but my body shape has changed, and I have kept the weight off. The words consistency and habit are key. Once you do something differently for a set amount of time it becomes a habit. Then you need to be consistent and if you have a bad week go back to it again.

The plans run in 6 week blocks.

The next block of sessions starts WC 15th April 2024.

The total cost for 6 weeks is only £150


Change your habits for good with a one-off payment Totally worth it.

What is included in the Geri Smart Kickstart 6 week plan?

  • 6 one to one personal training sessions tailored to your goals at my home gym OR a group online zoom session. These sessions can be booked in when joining the programme. 

  • Support and accountability daily by text.

  • A 16 page pack sent to you when you join.  

  • Personalised session plans created  just for you to help you progress each week. 

  • Access to my amazing workout videos. I will send you specific workouts to complete weekly.

  • A list of foods to buy and my weekly food menus. 

What do you need to commit to?

  • Stick to the plan as much as you can. If you have a bad day let it go and start again. Remember you can have a cheat meal but not a cheat day.

  • Commit to exercising at least 4 times week as part of the challenge. This will make a big difference short and long term.

  • Send me photos of you doing the exercise and meals when you can.

  • Keeping positive. This is a short amount of time to gain huge weight loss, but it is the start of a new you. It can be that you lose inches from your body instead.

  • Decide on a reward you will give yourself when you complete the 6 weeks. This is essential as it will keep you focused. (for example, ask your partner to treat you to a hotel stay, book a spa with a friend, whatever suits you)



Just a note to say my waist is finally shrinking! I have managed to get back into jeans I haven’t been able to wear for a while. Being in a group during this challenge has really helped to stay focused and share some amazing food ideas. Everybody has been so supportive and encouraging in the group. Looking forward to more weight loss and looking forward to more weight loss and enjoying the variety of the workouts

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