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Geri Smart Kickstart Plan Challenge Terms & Conditions
  • The Geri Smart Kickstart Plan has been developed for the challenge group and may not be suitable for any other individual.

  • In addition, the Geri Smart Kickstart Plan may not be reproduced, emailed or copied and pasted to any other individuals without the express written permission of the author, Geraldine Smart.

  • The author retains all copyright for the content of the Geri Smart Kickstart Plan.

  • It is important that any person seeks medical clearance prior to starting this challenge and has filled in a PARQ from this website.

  • The contents of this challenge have been based on the author’s experiences. I am a Level 3 Personal trainer with full insurance. I am not a qualified nutritionist.

  • The author claims no responsibility to any person for any liability, loss or damage caused by being on this challenge.

  • If any person is not 100% sure about any aspect of the exercises contained in the workouts it is their responsibility to seek advice from me or a qualified trainer.  

  • Please note that support starts when you join the challenge and ends 5 weeks after.

  • You will not get the body you want overnight but you can move closer towards it every day. Everybody responds differently as we all have different bodies but rest assured that if you follow this challenge exactly you are getting a lot healthier and moving in the right direction. The by-product should be that your body continues to change shape for the better.

  • There are no refunds for this challenge. If you stick to my recommendations, you should see changes. It is a combination of eating well and exercising that will give you the best results.

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